Our Story

VLC, a family-owned organic winery, prioritizes quality over quantity, with its origins rooted in a love for family, culinary arts, and winemaking. Starting in the Colchagua Valley, this boutique winery’s journey traces back to New Orleans, where Michael and Kathryn, hailing from different places, found love amid the vibrant culture of music, art, and gastronomy.

Their story took them to Chile, where the diverse landscape and warm locals captured their hearts. Settling in Santa Ana within Colchagua Valley, known for its traditions and stunning surroundings, they felt a deep connection. Their simple pumpkin patch transformed into Los Chanchitos, a place where they could cultivate food and craft wine to share with loved ones, driven by hard work and attention to detail.

VLC’s mission is to create wines that harmonize with exceptional cuisine, reflecting a modern art form. Their journey seamlessly blends a passion for winemaking, cultural appreciation, and a commitment to fostering a convivial atmosphere.

Our Wines

Picked only from the best grapes

We are currently offering 9 different varietals of wine for our current harvest.


We have something for everyone


Come experience our vineyard for a day

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